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Welcome to the OP Nayyar Website

Remembering my favorite composer, who has helped me navigate my life through his music, and taught me how to live with integrity, rather than just exist. Even musicians in the west were inspired by his magic. The legendary OP Nayyar left for the stars on Jan 28, 2007. Trying to keep his torch alight.

3 minutes of sheer joy. Padma Das mesmerizes the audience in Bollywood Express on Dec 9 in NJ.


Center stage - OP Nayyar Nite, Washington DC, November 2019. Emulating the legendary composer who left for the stars this day of 2007. I use his wardrobe too.

Siraj Khan on stage emulating OP Nayyar at Sahib Bibi aur Guru Dutt in Boston on September 7, 2013. With him is Meena Sundaram singing Kabhi Aar Kabhi Paar. Meena was also the producer of the event.

OP Nayyar and Geeta Dutt: The incomplete song
  Thursday, January 13 2022

Baharein Phir Bhi Aayengi (Full List)

Keeping the OP Nayyar torch alight

Remembering O.P. Nayyar, a musical genius from Lahore
  Saturday, January 16 2019

Jadunagri se aya hai koi jadoogar by Manasi Patwardhan (article in Marathi)

Old vintage wine in a new bottle
  Saturday, December 16 2017

O.P. Nayyar Nite - Phir Miloge Khabi": Bringing a Legend to Life
Saturday, May 2 2015

Din Check OP Nayyar Show
Saturday, May 2 2015

Playback of a golden voice
Wednesday, August 6 2014

Boston Teenager Selina Banerjee Debuts Her First Professional CD
Thursday, March 6 2014

Tumsa Nahin Dekha: 6th Annual OP Nayyar Nite
Wednesday, November 21 2012

OP and Me by Siraj Khan
Thursday, February 02 2012

Aayye Mehrbaan Casts A Spell by Ranjani Saigal
Wednesday, January 05 2011

Shamshad Begum: Still Topping the Charts at 90 by Siraj Khan
Monday, April 19 2009

Notes from the past by Siraj Khan
Sunday, October 12, 2008

OP Nayyar Biography Written by Siraj Khan
Monday, June 09 2008

OP Nayyar Remembered with Top 25
Thursday, February 07 2008

OP Nayyar And Siraj Khan
Thursday, June 12 2007

Down The OP Nayyar Memory Lane
  Wednesday, June 27 2007

OP Nayyar's Musicians
  Wednesday, June 27 2007
OP's TOP LYRICISTS No. of Films No. of Songs
S.H. Bihari 25 94
Majrooh Sultanpuri 20 125
Jan Nisar Akhtar 14 84
Qamar Jalalabadi 14 74
Aziz Kashmiri 10 25
OP's TOP FEMALE SINGERS No. of Films No. of Songs
Asha Bhosle 60 324
Geeta Dutt 22 62
Shamshad Begum 23 39
OP's TOP MALE SINGERS No. of Films No. of Songs
Mohammad Rafi 57 202
Mahendra Kapoor 16 44
Kishore Kumar 10 38