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Kashmir Ki Kali (1964)
Rajiv has come of age; his now-dead father had built up a flourishing business and had become a millionaire, and his widowed mother wants to keep Rajiv on the straight and narrow. The best way would be to find him a good wife to encourage him to settle down. But Rajiv is having none of it, and runs off to the family's summer house in Srinagar to enjoy life. But en route he has to stay overnight at a country inn because of a bridge collapse. Mr Mohan is staying there for the same reason, with a group of girls he was taking to the fair in Srinagar. Rajiv has to sleep under the stairs, and during the night Champa spills some water on him; they talk, but she keeps her distance. The next day they meet again by chance, and when she sees him driving a big car, she is cool with him; when she thought he was poor, he was attractive, but now that she thinks he is rich, she is put off. He tells her that he is the driver for a rich man, and she talks to him some more. At Srinagar, he finds that his valet has hired out his house for the season to some girls, and he has to find accommodation in the town. The romance between Champa and Rajiv develops, to the chagrin of the nasty Mohan, who himself has designs for her. Champa's father Dinu is persuaded to forbid Champa from going to the fair with Rajiv, as she had planned. But Rajiv is not so easily thwarted, and dressed as a female in purdah, he hitchhikes a ride on the same truck that is taking the girls. A song and dance number on the back of the moving truck then takes place. Mohan persists in alarming Dinu, who is blind, about Champa's intentions, and it emerges that Dinu is not the biological father of Champa, but that he kidnapped her as a baby from a rich Delhi merchant. The name of the merchant was ... well, walls have ears and that must remain a secret for now. Who can the merchant have been? Written by Hazel Freeman

Wealthy and pampered Rajivlal is the only son of widowed Rani Maa. She would like him to get married and starts receiving proposals from all over the country. She meets with and interviews various prospective brides, and picks one for him, only to have him reject her. To escape her wrath, he runs off to their bungalow in Kashmir together with his friend, Chander. Upon arrival, he finds that his Estate Manager, Bholaram, has made a Hotel out of their bungalow and has even rented out some rooms for the season. He confronts the Manager, and both compromise. He meets Champa, who sells flowers for a living, and both in love. They plan to marry, but surprisingly Champa's dad, Dinu, is opposed to this marriage. To complicate matters even more, Rajivlal finds out that he is not the son of Rani Maa, and he goes about to find his real identity. It is now up to Rani Maa to find out why Dinu is refusing to permit Champa to marry Rajivlal, and who his real parents are.

Shammi Kapoor Sharmila Tagore Pran

Directed by Produced by Written by
Shakti Samanta Shakti Samanta Ranjan Bose / Ramesh Pant

Songs Singers Composer
Diwana Huwa Badal, Mohammad Rafi / Asha Bhosle OP Nayyar
Hai dunia usi ki Mohammad Rafi OP Nayyar
Isharon Isharon Mohammad Rafi / Asha Bhosle OP Nayyar
Meri Jaan Balle Mohammad Rafi / Asha Bhosle OP Nayyar
Subhan Allah Mohammad Rafi OP Nayyar
Tarif karun kya uski Mohammad Rafi OP Nayyar
Kisi na kisise Kabhi na kabhi Mohammad Rafi OP Nayyar